We identify indoor air quality problems and complaints by conducting an investigation that includes
indoor air testing and visual assessments.
Indoor air quality problems are caused by a variety of building-related, occupant-related and external environmental
activities.  To minimize and eliminate the impacts of unhealthy indoor conditions, we offer comprehensive indoor air
quality services, including preliminary air investigations, advanced air quality studies and regulatory assistance.

The goal of a preliminary investigation is to resolve air quality problems without cost-intensive testing for each potential
contaminant. If an air quality problem is identified, we can help adapt building systems and establish a quality
management program.

Advanced indoor air quality studies may be conducted if the preliminary investigation does not provide sufficient
information to meet management goals or resolve occupant conflict.  Advanced air quality studies are conducted to
characterize additional indoor air pollutants that lack applicable standards.  These pollutants include microbiological
contamination, environmental tobacco smoke, airborne particulates, ozone and volatile organic compounds.

Indoor air quality management is based on adherence to recognized engineering standards, application of available air
contaminant exposure guidelines, and compliance with existing and emerging regulations.  We have a comprehensive
understanding of these, as well as ventilation system design principles, pollution source emission systems, and human
health effects.  Our highly experienced staff can assist building owners and operators manage their indoor air quality

Some of the standard baseline testing parameters that commonly affect indoor air quality we test for include the

• Carbon Dioxide
• Carbon Monoxide
• Oxygen
• Temperature & Relative Humidity
• Combustible Gases / VOC’s / Hydrocarbons
• Ventilation Efficiency / Pressure Differential
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Airborne Mold / Fungi
• Nuisance Dust
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