Complete Mold Inspection, Remediation Design, & Monitoring Services. We understand the public
health and safety, and environmental-economic implications of mold contamination and remediation
projects at residential and public facilities.
Mold Inspection and Bulk Sampling/Identification, including sampling of visible mold growth. Sample collection
includes mold check swabs via HealthLink® TransporterTM Sterile Transport Microbial Swabs. Samples are submitted
to an independent laboratory for Fungal Direct Examination by Optical Microscopy. Reports include the identification
and semi-quantitative analysis of fungal spores. Information includes the presence of hyphae and fruiting structures to
aid in interpretation of the degree of contamination.

We prepare Mold Remediation Plans for the proper removal, handling, transportation, and disposal of identified
Mold/Fungi-contaminated building materials and remediation waste materials. Standard Unified Facilities Guide
Specifications for Mold/Fungi Remediation are used.

We can perform pre and post-remediation clearance air sampling for fungal mold spores. Samples are collected on
Air-O-Cell Air Sampling cassettes and submitted to an independent laboratory for Spore Trap (Total Fungal Spore
Count) Analysis of Fungal Spores & Particulates by Optical Microscopy.
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