We offer a full range of lead paint inspection, analysis, OSHA Lead in Construction Training, design
and monitoring services.
Property owners and managers are increasingly burdened by strict regulations at the state level that require reduction of
dangerous levels of lead in both commercial and residential buildings. The Federal Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to research methods to
safely remove lead paint and lead dust from dwelling units. The effects of ingesting or breathing lead particles are
known to cause irreversible neurological and behavioral health defects in children and exposed workers.

Our licensed industrial hygiene technicians use state-of-the-art field survey procedures including: X-Ray Fluorescence
(XRF) and paint chip sampling and analysis (AAS) to determine which surfaces are coated with lead-based paint (LBP).

We are able to provide a broad range of services based on the experience and expertise of our staff as well as our
knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local regulations. We believe in adapting our services to the specific needs of
our clients.  Some of our services include:

• Regulatory Consultation
• Comprehensive Lead Inspection and Testing
• Risk Assessment
• Development of Abatement Specifications
• Abatement Monitoring
• Post Abatement Inspections and Final Clearance Testing
• Contract Administration

A lead inspection or survey is performed to locate, categorize, and evaluate the condition of LBP. We then provide an
inspection report that specifies the location and condition of any LBP discovered. If requested, a risk assessment is
performed in accordance with federal or state regulations, based on the information revealed in the inspection. Another
report is generated that identifies the degree, if any, of risk posed by lead-based paint or lead dust that is present.

Once it is known where LBP is present, its condition and the degree of hazard that it poses, project activities are
planned and specifications for abatement are designed. After abatement activities have been designed and the project is
underway, our personnel monitor all abatement activities to ensure contractor compliance with applicable federal, state
and local laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of project specifications.

We typically provides a final report as a permanent project record after completion of all abatement activities. This
permanent record will prove to be a useful management tool in the event that occupants or workers at a facility file
future complaints of exposure to hazardous materials.

Paints can also be tested for RCRA 8 metals on renovation projects as well.
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